Advise for patients what to do after a filling has been done.

Is the tooth sensitive to hot and cold?The tooth can be sensitive to hot and cold for a few weeks after a filling has been done. The amount of sensitivity depends on how deep and close to nerve(pulp) the filling is. More closer to the filling then more sensitive the tooth will be and it takes longer time to settle.


When can you bite? If you have an Amalgam(metal) filling done then try not to bite for at least 1-2 hours after the filling has been done.Usually it takes a few hours for metal fillings to harden and set.

If you have a composite(white plastic) filling done then you do not need to wait for the filling to cure and you can bite on it. But becarefull because of the numbness in the tung and mouth do not bite your oral tissues.



Does the tooth hurts when bitting on it? Sometimes when a filling has been done it hurts when bitting on it. Usually it goes away after a while. But in some cases the tenderness will not disapear and it worseness more as times go. It can be a sign that the tooth needs further attention and treatment. this is more common when a deeper fillings. The general rulle is expect some discomfort for a few days and it subsidise as times go but if you feel that it gets worse then contact the dentist.