Icon Dental Care will be moving to Provident Dental Surgery, in

Worthing Town Centre. The new address is:

Provident Dental Surgery

First Floor 

7 Chapel Road


West Sussex

BN11 1EG


Telephone: 01903 821822.


 Website: www.providentdentalsurgery.com 


All patient files and X-rays will be moved from Icon Dental

Care to the new address above. If you are a patient of Icon

Dental Care, please contact Provident Dental Surgery from

now on for your appointments. New patients are welcome to

register with Provident as well. 



Emergency treatment: If you need emergency treatment please call our receptionist and we our best to see you as soon as possible. 



Examination: Usually on the first appointment we do carry out an examination ,some X-rays are taken and we do cleaning of the teeth. The dentist will explain the treatment needed to the patient and if the patient wants a written treatment cost estimate will be given. 


Fillings, Crowns and Bridges: We provide the best possible type of different restorations for our patients. Your dentist will advise you what type of restoration works best in each case. Your restorations can be made of the most up to date dental restorative materials in today's dental market and you can have precious or non- precious metals used in your crowns and/or bridges.


Partial and Full Dentures: Fully acrylic or Cobalt -Chrome dentures with a combination of different type of acrylic and teeth for your new denture. We can make the most advance type of dentures like Telescopic and Combination dentures with different type of attachments to improve the retention of your dentures.  


Root Canal Treatment(Root Filling): Root fillings on the front and back teeth(molars). Re- root fillings. Some patients have the impression that root filling(root canal treatment ) is a painful procedure. We can show you that it is not the case. We use the most advance and up to date local anaesthetics and it makes the roots filling procedure much more easier for the our patients.


Extractions: If you have a tooth which needs extraction and it has been described as difficult extraction or surgical extraction then you should definitely contact us. We perform all type of extractions from simple extractions to soft tissue and more advance surgical extractions of broken teeth or bone impacted teeth and/or tooth root rests.


Children Examination:A large number of our patients are children under the age 18. During the children examination we do check the teeth, gums and the child bite. Some children needs orthodontic treatment to correct the bite. We do refer our child patients to a local NHS orthodontist there they can receive the orthodontic treatment free of charge.  


Teeth & Gum cleaning: Patients with scale and tartar deposits on their teeth can benefit from extra cleaning visits and/ or deep cleaning procedure. Surgical gum treatment for patients with advance gum diseases. Or if you are attending your relative, friend or even a public ceremony you can maybe benefit of an extra cleaning visit to remove the extra discolouration from the teeth surfaces and gives you a more bright smile.