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Orthodontics treatment in Chennai

Misalignment of teeth can cause a variety of dental problems. They can create food traps, which can lead to gingivitis and tooth decay. Icon Dental Care offers options for straightening crooked teeth. The most common treatment for straightening teeth is still traditional metal braces. However, they are now more comfortable than ever. Brackets and archwires made from high-grade stainless steel move the teeth into position. We offer a selection of colored elastics to give your smile a unique and colorful look if you prefer.
Another option we offer is ceramic braces. For those who need traditional braces, but do not want the look of metal, the clear ceramic material offers a high level of effectiveness with a more discreet look. The ceramic braces we use at Porter Smiles Dental are of the newer ceramics, which are stronger and more durable than previous braces of this type.
Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners to move teeth into the desired position. This system of straightening teeth is the most discreet; so much so that people will not be able to tell you are wearing braces at all.

Types of Braces

People get confused about applying braces as an orthodontic treatment because of its various kinds. Braces include:

  • Metal Braces – Also known as traditional braces are commonly used by kids for its affordability. They are metal brackets that are applied to your teeth, and the metal wire which is threaded on the brackets is meant to exert pressure on the teeth and finally move them.
  • Lingual Braces – Similar to metal braces, they, however, are to be applied on the inner side of the bite; they aren’t visible from the outside unless one opens their mouth. Besides, if you have an extreme orthodontic issue, it might not be an ideal treatment for you.
  • Self-Ligating Braces– With this type of brace, the bracket and wire system is significantly functional. Concretely, they are widely used by the experts today; contrary to the conventional method. Besides, they are not as painful as other types.
  • Invisalign– Widely used and most useful, Invisalign is a unique kind of an invisible aligner that comes with several benefits including a “user-friendly” design. Invisalign treatment is invisible as well as removable at all times. However, it is expensive, unlike other braces, but it is of substance.

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