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Tooth Extracts in Chennai

Do you need a tooth extraction? This can be tough news to hear. You may feel discouraged or embarrassed about losing a tooth you thought you’d have for a long time. And you may wonder what you’re going to do about the gap in your smile after your procedure.
The dental care team at Icon Dental Care unders tands your feelings at a time like this. Your oral health, comfort, and well-being are all important to us, and if it affects you, it affects us. You can be confident that our team of exceptionally kind and caring professionals will ensure the process is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Don’t Worry about Extraction! We’re Here to Help

If you are currently in pain and think you might need a tooth pulled, please call our Icon Dental Care. We do perform emergency tooth extractions if necessary, but the first step is to call us to get the urgent care you need.

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